Byron Wien Is Modestly Bullish On Equities

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We’d better capture these bullish. our friends Byron Wien at Blackstone and Jim Caron at Morgan Stanley thought we were on our way to a 5.5% yield on the 10-year T-note. So let’s keep the whippy, albeit positive, action in the equity.

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Get set for a ‘favorable’ backdrop for stocks until at. bullish Blackstone strategist Byron Wien. the outlook for equities.” Blackstone’s Byron Wien isn.

Faced with an erratic stock market and poor performance overall, equity mutual funds this year are struggling. will quickly return to the levels of early last year," said Byron Wien, U.S. investment strategist at Morgan Stanley Dean.

Byron Wien Reflects on His List of Surprises. Byron Wien is a senior managing director and vice chairman of. yet investors have rushed to sell equities to

Now, I present you Byron Wien’s Ten Surprises for 2011. He is bullish again. Enjoy. -Byron R. Wien, Vice Chairman, Blackstone Advisory Partners, today issued his list of The Ten Surprises for 2011. This is the 26th year Byron has given his predictions of a number of economic, financial market and political Surprises for the coming year.

Reuters reports Blackstone Vice Chairman Byron Wien, among Wall Street’s best known prognosticators, presented his 10 surprising predictions for 2012. They go so far as to suggest oil prices will drop to $65 a barrel. Furthermore,

Byron Wien, welcome to Lateline Business. BYRON WIEN, BLACKSTONE ADVISORY PARTNERS: Good to be here. ALI MOORE: If we can start with right now and the gyrations on global equity markets. You’ve been bullish about.

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Today Byron R. Wien is actually wondering whether. The fact that this decline happened within weeks rather than months does not keep Mr. Wien, the head of investment strategy for United States equities at Morgan Stanley &.

According to S&P’s research, of the 122 large-cap Australian equity managed funds that outperformed their. could precipitate a stock market correction, said Byron Wien, veteran investor and vice chairman of Blackstone Advisory.

Validea’s Guru Investor Blog. veteran investment strategist Byron Wien argues that the current business cycle, Wien Bullish On Biotech,

“The prevailing view is definitely negative,” said Byron Wien, the global strategist at the the private equity firm Blackstone Group, who added that he had noticed a tendency for investors to take on more risk. “But that provides.

Byron Wien: The Smartest Man is Bullish on Europe 07-16 13. By Byron Wien, I vowed to myself that I would take a hard look at European equities before the.

(Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley.) "It’s hard to stay bullish on blue chips, and time to look to laggards. The big money will now come from laggards like Newmont Mining Corp., Crescent Real Estate Equity Co., Vail Resorts Inc. and New.

Two investment heavyweights, Blackstone’s Byron Wien and TheStreet’s Doug Kass, go head-to-head on their annual lists of ‘surprises.’ Which pundit will.

Point number three should be obvious, but obviously it’s not given pervasive bullish sentiment nearly everywhere. according to Blackstone Group LP’s Byron Wien. The price-to-earnings ratio for the S&P 500 has fallen close to its.

Watch video · Widely followed investor Byron Wien predicts that stocks are. Byron Wien: Prepare for a pullback — the S&P is set to. when he foresaw that U.S. equities would.

BYRON WIEN: I’ve Been On Wall. is speculating about the prospects for equities in the year ahead," Wien wrote in his latest. To Be Bullish On Stocks In.

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Byron Wien Says Billionaires Are Bullish On Stocks And. weekends in eastern Long Island," writes Blackstone’s Byron Wien in his latest. equity, real estate and.

Blackstone’s Byron Wien, who accurately predicted gains for Japanese equities in 2014, says shares will stagnate. Hedge funds are likely to remain bearish on Japan this year while they place bullish bets on other markets such as.

The $1 trillion erased from U.S. equities in May has left bulls from Byron Wien to Laszlo Birinyi and Jonathan Golub unbowed in their. Wien Remains Bullish On U.S.

Ironically Garzarelli acquired her nickname "Go-Go" in the 1980s for her bullish stance. Five weeks ago Gail Dudack, senior US equity strategist with UBS, forecast a 16 per cent sell-off on the Dow. In April, Byron Wien, a markets.

Byron Wien Reflects on His List of Surprises. Byron Wien is a senior managing director and vice chairman of. equities to buy government debt.

Soon after, Abby Joseph Cohen of Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s most influential (and bullish) equity strategists. which discourages others from making a stand. Byron Wien of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter points out that the.

BYRON WIEN: 2012 Will Be Great. But Then We’re In For A Prolonged Period Of Slow Growth. Rob Wile; May 1, 2012, That may mean more modest returns for equities.

Even the venerable Byron Wien, who at the beginning of the year had forecast that the S&P 500 would climb above 1,400, remains bullish. “The best time to. trading at 10.6 times earnings, and Dutch equities command a multiple.

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Blackstone Group’s Byron Wien said the Standard & Poor’s 500 index might climb past 1,400 this year.

The U.S. accounts for 52% of the value of the world’s publicly traded equities. Since the recession. India and the Middle East, as well as some modest growth in the developed economies. Only slight economic improvement is.

Byron Wien, chief investment strategist of Pequot Capital Management. Jeremy Grantham, chairman of the investment management firm GMO, has been relatively bullish for several months. But in a market letter last week, he discussed.

Jan 24, 2017  · Byron Wien: Trump Will Pivot to Moderate. Trump Will Pivot to Moderate Stance – Barron’s. The result will be that the price of oil will rise more.

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