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If you're looking for a no money down ("zero down") mortgage, you're in for some bad news: these mortgages are no longer available in Canada. As of September 2012, the minimum down payment is 5% and there is no way around this. Thankfully, there are still alternatives (such as using your RRSP as a down payment),

The events leading to the downfall of Home Capital, which is Canada’s largest alternative mortgage lender – and what it could mean for global investors.

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In particular, if you borrow the down payment, the loan or line of credit payment amount must be used in your qualifying calculations, and you might not qualify for as large a mortgage (see my post on ratios for more details on these calculations). [Update: in October 2016, the Canadian government announced more stringent.

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The parameters of this insurance are dictated by the federal government. One of the changes they made several years ago was that they would not insure mortgages without a minimum down payment of 5%. So, a few lenders in Canada got creative and devised a product that essentially “gifts” the purchaser the required 5%.

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Find out how to get a tax benefit from your mortgage like your neighbours to the south.

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The dreaded down payment often keeps young Canadians from being able to afford their first home for years and with the price of houses rising in many of the major cities, even 5% of the purchases price is typically a larger number than most people are comfortable with. So when you hear about the possibility of a no down.

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Save as much as you can for your down payment. The bigger the down payment, the smaller the mortgage, which can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges.

News about troubled mortgage companies with a running count of failed U.S. lenders.

Make a more informed mortgage decision. View our extensive list of mortgage terms and definitions to make sure you understand your options.

Aug 10, 2017. Loans with low or no down payment. Homebuyers with little money for a down payment are finding more home loans available for a low down payment or even no down payment. Following are a few options for borrowers seeking low-down- payment and zero-down-payment home mortgages. Find a.

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